What We Do?

RISE is a progressive, fast-growing English learning center business with operations in South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Japan and formerly China (successfully sold in 2013).

RISE offers an Immersive, subject-based English language and leadership training program that delivers superior learning outcomes through English. Rise focuses on children
from 3 -12 years old.

We are committed to nurturing children and providing them the right educational environment, to help them develop into confident, creative and happy children. Our unique content, approach and center environments have been designed to support both the intellectual and personal growth of young learners.


“ My 8 year old girl and her 3-year old brother, attend the Rise English Program. The teachers have made a big difference and my kids are now speaking in English more often and even at home. My children find the progam fun and they say “I want to go every day! ”

T. T – Mother of 8 year old girl, and a 3 year old boy

“ My daughter always looks forward to going to RISE, twice a week. She often goes early to have lunch with the gentle and pleasant teachers. I’m amazed at the progress my daughter has made since starting, her pronunciation has improved in just half a year. This is the first time she is learning English and I am really pleased with the results. ”

R. K – 6 – year – old girl ‘s mother

“ I would like to share all my positive feedback with you. The teacher is great with my babies. Now they are both talking in full sentences. They admit when they make mistakes, and no longer lie often. When they play they clean up quickly, right away. I’m really happy with this program. ”

S.A & G.A – 3 year-old twin’s mother