Our Impact

We believe that a fundamental change is needed in the way we teach children. Our current version of education was designed in and for a very different time and generation.

The challenges that face our children today are dramatically different to
those faced by our generation.

  • Lifestyle habits and routines are changing quickly with less play
    and less sleep once they commence school.
  • Learning habits and routines are changing quickly as these become
    more structured.
  • Interpersonal relationships are growing more complex with children
    spending more time away from families.
  • Innovation and technology are changing the way children interact,
    read, learn and play.

We also recognize that every child is unique and different. Therefore, the approach to education should nurture a child in a creative way, in order to stimulate and develop each child’s potential.

The learning skills required for today include social, life and work skills that enrich each child. These need to be taught in a project based non-cognitive course. The skills required need to be developed in order to excel in school, in university and ultimately in the workforce. These include project management, teamwork and collaboration, independent and critical thinking, application of knowledge and confident public speaking. These core attributes of today’s leaders cannot be taught using traditional teaching methods alone.

Ours is a process of continuous improvement and a commitment to ensure that children have access to high-quality programs focused not just on English language capabilities but also 21st century skills.

We believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that future generations are equipped for an increasingly globalized and competitive world. It’s not just society at large that needs to work collectively to provide access to education and learning but as a global company, we play an important role in supporting and developing young minds.

Aligned with our mission to deliver innovative, integrated education solutions to help young learners prepare for the future, Rise Global has invested, donated and participated in numerous projects around the global.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Programs