Immersive English language

Immersive English language acquisition is the driving pedagogy of Rise, allowing students to learn English as a native speaker.

Subject-based learning

English is taught through academic subjects giving purpose to language use and helps students acquire the vocabulary to excel in these subjects ((Math, Science, Social Sciences, Language Arts).

Award-winning, US Accredited print & digital content

The Rise Program is based on foundational content from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), the largest K-12 publisher in the US. Our curriculum is US accredited and is based on the same standard of English education taught in schools across the US.

Leadership Training & 21st century skills

Students learn social, life and work skills needed for excelling in school, university and the workforce including, confidence development, teamwork and collaboration, independent thinking and problem-solving.

Center designs which encourage learning

We have a reputation for quality which is reflected in the design of our centers. Our centers have a distinctive look & feel and some playful, yet purposeful touches . It’s an environment designed to inspire, engage, and spark children’s imagination.

In-house academic team & innovative content

Unlike many other education brands, Rise has a team of in-house academic experts and professionals who have years of experience in the area of English Language Learning. They continue to innovate student content and teacher training, which is not just best in class, but which also allows us to react, adapt and innovate much more quickly than our competitors.

Blended Learning: Integrated technology, print material & activities

Our unique approach combining technology, print material and other activities encourage interactive learning and communication. Our interactive white boards provide an opportunity for children to explore through interaction and help children make tangible connections to what they are learning.

Best in class teacher training methodology

Teacher training and development is core to our success. Our teacher training program introduces key concepts in modules so teachers get a foundation in teaching ad well as thorough understanding of how to implement the Rise program.

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Our program is based on content from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the largest and oldest K-12 publisher in the US.